The Serafinos are an evolving collective of musicians led by bassist, songwriter and producer Marco Meniconi. His aim is to create a number of albums which cover a variety of musical styles. The first album We Will Be Fine  has a soul and funky feel. It received some notable reviews:

Our new album Funk-o-Mat will be pure Funk from the 70s to now. It will have some great artists and musicians on it such as Sulene Fleming and Gabor Dornyei amongst others alongside regular Serafinos alumni. We hope that the album will be available at the end of the Year and hopefully before Christmas 2020.

The last album Live It Down  varies from old school Soul type ballads, to Americana, Rock and Pop. 

Thus far the Serafinos alumni of musicians includes (in no particular order):

Vocals: Nicola Gregory, Rietta Austin, Hayley Williams, Grom Kelly, Dan Jones    Guitars: Mark Wraith, Nicolas Meier, Nat Martin, Pete Roth, John Wallace, Paul Etterlin, Tom Payne, Mike Vindice Keyboards: Jez Davies, Spencer James, Mihaly Horvath   Drums and Percussion: Joe Evans, Stu Roberts, Terl Bryant, Mat Hector, Dany Schnyder   Horns: The Kick Horns, Tim Sanders, Simon Clarke, Paul Spong, David Liddell   Strings: Luke Vindice

Although Marco is predominantly a bassist, he also plays keyboards and guitar and dabbles in percussion and sings badly...

"I'm already looking forward to the next Serafinos project - I think it's going to be quite funky but I also have a series of other things on the go which I will announce later this year. You can never please everyone but I hope that there is enough of a variety in our music that appeals to our listeners. I am so grateful to have all these wonderful musicians that are happy to contribute to these projects - without their input and musicality, none of this would be possible. Also to you, our audience, we are so very grateful for your support. Thank you for being part of our family!" - Marco

With a project like this, it is relatively difficult to gig regularly although we want to put on a show now and again, so it would be good if you check back from time to time, or better still, sign up to our mailing list (on the home page). These gigs should be quite interesting as they will feature different musicians because everyone contributing to the albums is very busy with their own musical careers, so you never know who from The Serafinos family is on the gig but it'll always be a great bunch of musicians. We are looking forward to presenting the live versions of our studio songs and also smuggle in a few covers that we find particularly fitting to a particular concert.

Marco has started to write some new tunes for the third album. He doesn't want to give too much away but so far it's looking like it is going to be very old school epic Funk with lots of bass driven, high energy tracks in that tradition but it'll also have a few surprises. As always, it'll feature some great musicians (Marco has already confirmed some new additions to The Serafinos' family about which he is very excited indeed - we will let you know in due course).

In the meantime we'd like to thank you for supporting independent music and please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.


The Serafinos