From the recording We Will Be Fine

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©2014 Marco Meniconi. All rights reserved.
Written by M. Meniconi
Produced by Marco Meniconi
Mixed by Mike Vindice
Mastered by Miles Showell

Hayley Williams: Vocals
Mat Hector: Drums
Tim Sanders: Tenor Saxophone
Simon Clarke: Baritone Saxophone
Paul Spong: Trumpet
David Liddell: Trombone
Marco Meniconi: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards


Still it’s winter in these hills, still it’s cold
And the mist among the trees is bathed in gold
Still it’s winter in your heart - will it keep?
Do you feel the river give beneath your feet?

When this heart plays with fire
And for the first time in your life
These icy waters run down the far side of the moon
Was it love? Was it hope?
Did you think that you could cope?
For once it wasn’t yours to say

Still it’s winter in your heart my old friend
But it seems so long ago - we can’t pretend
Does this winter in your heart make you tired?
They mean nothing now, the things you so admired

Does your heart still rage with fire after all this time
And as all of your desires slowly passed you by
Was it love? Was it sweet?
Were you gracious in defeat,
The moment it all slipped away?

Stay with me – my baby
Won’t you stay with me - little darlin’
And while this winter’s still in your heart
I am here

Stay with me – my baby
Stay with with me – little darlin’
Stay with me – stay with me – stay with me…